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Buying a government owned home can cost you as an investor!

Buying a government owned home can cost you as an investor! But, how could that be? They are selling for so cheap and I know I can repair and make a hefty profit on it in a short amount of … Continue reading

How To Sell Your Home Quickly and For Top Dollar!

When you set your property available on the market your real estate adviser presumes you want to market your property at a price for that best amount of money after the sale. In case this specific not what you have … Continue reading

Make you investment property work for you, not “More work for you”

Have you ever heard the saying the only way to make money in real estate is to buy low and sell high? Well, I have to say that is completely true, but did you know there is more than one … Continue reading

Don’t walk, run from that “Real Estate Deal”

Too many new real estate investors buy investment properties for emotional reasons. (They grew up in the area, they like how the house looks or the feel of the property) Emotions are not a reason to buy an investment property. … Continue reading

Investing doesn’t have to be a solo venture!

There are numerous individuals who might want to put resources into land yet don’t have room schedule-wise or slant to take in the ins and outs. That is the place you come in. You can construct a portfolio with the … Continue reading

HOAs – What do I need to know?

What are HOAs? The initials HOA stand for Home Owners Association. One example of a home owners association is if you buy a new home you think you should paint ans say to yourself “Wow, this home would look good … Continue reading

Are you a clueless investor?

I look at about 75-80 properties a week that wannabe investors send me by email or call me about. Most of these properties they found on Zillow and can tell right away that they have a steal based on the Zestimate, but what … Continue reading

Safely Invest by Avoiding Mistakes in Real Estate

Land alludes to land and changeless installations, including structures and different articles connected to structures. Three different classifications exist inside this expansive heading, including private, business, and modern. When you consider this venture opportunity, you may buy arrive, a house, … Continue reading